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¿Qué es lo que busca?

A good salary? How about a basic of £ 16k, with OTE of £ 30k in your first year?
Career progression and training? Powwownow is growing - and fast. And we want you to move up to that senior role as soon as possible, and will support and train you all the way.
Fulfilment? We love what we do and get enormous satisfaction from doing it well. Get ready to love Mondays.

Location? In the heart of leafy Richmond, the centre of social and commercial life in West London.

What are we looking for?

Drive. If you're determined to succeed, we're determined to help you.

Intelligence. If you're going to do well, you need your wits about you. You don't need a double-first from Oxford, but if you think fast, you'll progress faster.

Willingness to learn. A good attitude and keenness to learn is essential. We like positive people. The Powwownow glass is always half-full.

That little extra... Impress us by sending us a CV that marks you out as the kind of person who deserves an opportunity like this.

What's the next step?

Why not call us on +44 (0)20 3398 0398? We would be delighted to hear from you, although you can of course email him your CV directly at